Sell To Us

Currently only buying singles and bulk for Baseball, Basketball, Football and Pokemon.

I only buy modern sports cards that are 2000 - Current. I do not deal in vintage and anything older than 2000.

I will only look up to 10 cards if you come into the store. More than 10 cards will need to be dropped off for 72 hrs so they can be properly researched and an accurate offer given.

Use the below form if you have questions or want to let us know what you have for sale.

Sports Card Rates


  • TBD


  • TBD

Pokemon rates:

  • Commons/Uncommons: $45 per 1000
  • Rares: $75 per 1000
  • Reverse Foil Commons/Uncommons: $100 per 1000
  • Foil Rares: $125 per 1000
  • Hyper/Rainbow/Secret Rares: $3.00 Each
  • GX: $1.50 Each
  • EX/V/VMAX: $1.00 Each
  • Breaks: $0.25 Each